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What is Rope Access
why is Rope Access preferred?



Rope Access is a means to access a work site at height or in hard-to-reach areas.  Rope Access Technicians use top anchorage with a two rope system . to replace the more conventional means including scaffolding, swing stages, platforms, and ladders. Rope Access allows for a safer means of egress into areas not feasible or potentially hazardous to untrained public workers. 


Rope access also allows a "tread lightly" approach to sensitive material, mitigating or eliminating the damage that could occur to set up work positioning or the human impact of doing work. 

To ensure safety and quality in our execution of work, all of our rope access technicians are certified and trained in accordance with SPRAT and IRATA standards. All the fall-protection equipment is routinely inspected and maintained by competent people. Job specific safety planning and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) are implemented prior to each project.

At Haydock Enterprises, we apply a rope access practices expertise for  trades at height including interior and exterior infrastructure. Do you have a work site that seems impossible to access, Lets Talk! 

Rope Access Solutions:

Rope Access for infrastructure is more than just a high angle work positioning and reaching seemingly impossible work, it’s a integral collective with 4 core values:  Hire the best, train hard perform easy, Gear Geeks, Pre-Inspection Job Planning (PIJP), and incredible Project Management. 

  • Hire the Best

Haydock Enterprises knows the best in the industry and hires the best.  We treat our family of employees incredibly well and expect our employers to practice leadership / followship mentalities. Rope Access thrives on a basis of opportunity for technicians and Recruitment efforts are ongoing so contractors can create opportunities for the qualified technicians for our clients.

  • Train Hard Perform Easy

We like to train hard and perform easy. This allows our technicians to focus on our work and safety while continuing to develop skills in building maintenance, non-destructive testing, and confined space training. In addition, rope access companies assist with IRATA/SPRAT rope access certifications and encourage our technicians to practice a continuous ripening effect as a learner for a lifestyle. 

  • Pre-Inspection Job Site Planning

Before every job a detailed Job Specific site safety report and a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), specific to the work site is required. Our robust and detailed JSA outlines all access methods, communication plans, rescue scenarios, work plans, anchorage selections, and hazard analysis.

  • Incredible Project Management

all projects are managed by Competent Persons with expertise that have a blend of experience, credentials, and certifications . Depending on job difficulty, either a level 2 or 3 technician will manage the project.


Choose Rope Access for:

  • Safety

Across all trades, rope access for infrastructure has overwhelmingly demonstrated the highest safety standard admissible to working at height. When you compare the safety standards with other means of access such as Swing Stages, bosun’s chair, and any other means of accessing work at height,  Rope Access for Infrastructure maintains the highest standards, guidelines, and requirements for training and certification and site specific safety planning. At Haydock Enterprises, we adhere to SPRAT and IRATA safe practices which meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI standards.

  • Lower Cost Basis

With the elimination of heavy machinery and scaffold, rope access can provide a simple means of access with less overall work force, thus saving companies time and money to complete Scopes of Work and operations while not trade stacking against other trades, thus mitigating liquidated damages after project close. 

  • Minimal Impact

The ability to remove temporary structure like scaffold, lifts, and Swing Stages, not only will save on Accounts Payable but will also mitigate and even eliminate temporary structure all together.  This allows companies to eliminate or mitigate the need for additional road closure / flagger permits.  Furthermore, our presence is minimal as we do not have large containers, laydowns, and the noise that this equipment causes is mitigated and eliminated which minimizes the disturbance for building tenants, residents, and workers. 

  • Stealth

One of the benefits when utilizing rope access is the efficiency that Rope Access Technicians work as well as how mobile Rope Access Technicians can be. The efficiency that rope access Technicians work can also be a cost savings alternative to scaffold and have the ability to rappel or climb like " Ninja's" and complete work with efficiency. 

  • Flexible

Rope Access for infrastructure facilities work positioning so work can be done and accessed by rappelling or ascending rope to the worksite. This allows allows Rope Access Technicians to access crack and crevice confined spaces and open spaces where lifts and machinery can not access. 

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