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“Adam led a team that reduced our cost by 50%, increased our ROI 2 fold in under 9 months, and grew the best team we’ve ever had!” Dawn Cartwright, CEO)

Do you find that your products are not meeting your client expectations? Do you find that your communication with Project Stakeholders changes throughout the course of your Project? Does your project team lose engagement, motivation ?


Our new transforming world requires an even greater agility to output deliverables that thrive in our new normal. Take action NOW to deliver your next product. Schedule a call with us and we will define how Haydock Management and Development will provide more utility, close gaps, execute, and close project with deliverables that meet and exceed client expectations .


Construction (residential/non-residential, Industrial), Training Platform Development, Corporate Infrastructure Efficiency, Risk Management, and Geologic Research, have been at the epicenter for Haydock Management and Development. Schedule your Project Assessment today so our team can identify and define opportunity for your projects to thrive, get back on schedule, close communication gaps, and close project to handoff your client deliverables, meeting and exceeding expectations.  


 Haydock Management and Development

"Dedicated to the success of our company, Adam developed project process plans and executed with accurate and understandable data which allowed concept ideas become a reality "  John Haraldson- CEO, Baker Projects and Contracting. 

Our Approach

We do thorough research to understand our client's complete Scope of Work. Whether it's researching EEF, researching OPA, understanding the Sponsor/PMO office, understanding what the project drivers are, the embodiment of the culture, defining the requirements, and/or assessing risks to develop a project charter, Haydock Management and Development has been delivering management solutions for over a decade which has made companies over eight figures in gross revenue and facilitated product handover to company end users with Six Sigma accuracy.  These elements all play a crucial role in developing a purposeful project that is agile, within budget, and closes on time. 


Project Strategy

Once finalizing the team, SOW (Statement of Work) and other aspects of a properly planned project, we develop a stakeholder, risk, and a scope statement, strategy. A WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), scope baseline, acceptance criteria, will also be developed, along with additional matrices and monitor and control mechanisms to ensure the project is on track and within budget.  This is a small example of what we prepare for the vehicular mechanism that holds integrated change control in a protected space.


Managing Project Risk

Risk is a huge component on projects.  On previous projects, my teams depended on properly calculated risk management, their lives depended on it!  Understanding risk tolerance and the appetite of risk among the stakeholders and project teams has played a huge role in the risk management plan. A SWOT analysis, maintaining a Risk Register, performing Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, developing workarounds, Risk Triggers, Audits, as well as utilizing a Probability and Impact matrix, are just some of the methods that we use to build risk management plans.


Communication Management

Communication Management, as well as Scope Management, also play a crucial role in the health and durability of the project team, flow of information, as well as the final product output. We manage all of this for you and with you!  We are known for world class, cross discipline and inter-team communication with all stakeholders, that build ownership, commitment, and engagement.Additionally, we want to blend creativity and innovation all within a collaborative ecosystem amongst your Project Team, Stakeholders, and Clients.  We want to leave a legacy and be remembered on all types of capacities so why would we not want to leave a profound impact with your client relationships? 


Your Stakeholders and their clients depend on your services, and it is your responsibility is to optimize your clients Capital Budgets, their margins, and their Financial Growth. This is the mindset that you want to start to adopt.  Not only do you want to generate new a client basis, but you must maintain those relationships and retain the rapport, the trust, and the standard of quality that they can rely on. If you got to this point and you do not have a clear and a solution-oriented answer to any of these questions, then we need to talk!

Experience is what keeps a project safe, on time, and on budget. When we hear someone having experience in a skillset, a third of that experience comes from formal training, a third comes from the volume of times performing the skillset, and a third comes from occurrences that happen. This experience creates confidence within a team and within the end user of a product. The resulting feeling is safety, and through safety, trust is created.  This experience will bring them safety within their investments and end product handoffs, so don't we all want to feel safe?

"Adam's Leadership and project deliverables for the University impacted student retention and workflow to a point where we were able to 

focus on more critical and impactful matrices that saved the University's Enrollment and academic department two million dollars"

-Kelly Caloway-Senior Executive for Student Enrollment and Academic Retention.


Leadership is what pushes the team to Go Even Further to reveal higher levels of potential. You want to be able to discover the areas where your people excel in and where the areas of opportunity exist.  The ability to hear, see, and understand your people is a skillset that will drive extraordinary profits, and fortify lasting legacies within your team's organization. The output you can find is people become passionate about their work and anchor themselves into loyalty to the resolve. If you can align your teams Cognitive Dissonance with an affective state of conscious presence to an empowering outlook, your team's output and your client's sentiment on your standards and product deliver will be an experience that standouts.  Do you want your teams' core competencies and actions to become assets and be called upon when your Stakeholders and Clients? 

Adam is excellent with project management. He has great leadership skills and he consistently focused on team success- Christopher Park-Executive of Enrollment


Are you ready to overhaul your project? Are you preparing for an upcoming project rollout? Are you ready to deliver a successful and powerful product to grow your company that provides revenue generating growth, momentum for your company, purposeful work for your employees, and a contribution to society?  Take action NOW by clicking here.

“Adam can be counted on as strategic leadership, thorough precision, and a voice of reason, innovation, and vision when it’s most needed!”  Jack Spratt, Expedition Funder

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: 847-420-0821

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